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Random Media

Occasionally I have the opportunity to work in something a little different. Glass etching, photography, body painting, paper cutting... there are a lot of different ways to create a work of art. I am fortunate to have a large number of friends with different skills that are willing to share with me, and show me how to do new things. Though I do not work primarily in these areas, they're still fun, and I always enjoy a new challenge.

Digital Design

I've volunteered for several events over the course of the last few years, including the Ad Astra Literary Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention. The 2015 badges & program cover fell to me do design, so I produced the below, and received a LOT of compliments on the image.


Piratical Comfort

This could probably count as a painting as well as random crap, but it was a unique project. I was asked to paint a chair with a pirate/ocean theme, and this was the result. Used are acrylic paints, with a UV resistant clear coat.

Pirate Chair Front


Ghost Ship


Ghost Ship, 2011 - Spray paint and palette knife

One of my favourite spray art designs that came up after an afternoon of spray and theological discussion.

Wood-Burned & Stained Boxes

Dylan's Boxerics box

Both boxes were birthday gifts to friends. Both were wood-burned, and in the case of the first one, I used three different colours of stain to give it a slightly more three dimensional look to the design.

Sushi Dreams

AKA: Give an artist a blank slate, and she'll find a way to use it.


In February I was in Barrie, ON with friends, and we decided to do Sushi for dinner. The restaurant - Akira - was a fabulous place, and provided white placemats. Being a popular place on a Saturday night, the food was a little slow in coming, so I started out with green pen on the placemats.

I accidentally spilled a drop of soya sauce on the paper during the meal, so near the end I started using my chopsticks and leftover soya sauce to create the trees and mountains. I left the drawing at the table, since I didn't feel like trying to transport it.

According to a friend, the employee who picked it up while cleaning tables and paused to admire it, and claim it for her collection. When my friend paused to point out to her that it was his friend that did the drawing, she misunderstood his intention and told him "No, you can't have it." He assured her he wasn't trying to take it, and simply pointed out that he knew the artist. Apparently the drawing now hangs somewhere in the kitchen. I was amused.

Comic pages

I do a lot of work with my fellow artist Eric Ray, (takkless on on different projects, for different people. We've worked with the fine folks over at Quicksylver Productions and created a few of our own collaborative pieces.


Eric did the majority of the drawing and inking, while I did the script and colour. The comic will be published and out in May, so only a sample is available here. Once the comic has gone fully public, it will be available on this website.

Heraldry and Illumination

Most recently I've added the Heraldic arts to my repetoire, through several different sources. Below is an award scroll for a friend of mine, done in gouache and gold ink.