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Art in Pencil

Drawing in pencil has always been my first love. It's portable, and accessible to everyone, and you don't even need to spend a lot of money on special pencils to draw. (Occasionally it helps, but I am a big believer in "an artist is a master of their tools" and not "the tools make the artist".


While I do a LOT of portraits, this one is among my favourites. Ray & Justine have been longtime friends, and when I finally had the excuse to do something nice and detailed, I jumped at the chance. Unlike many people I have photos of them looking sickeningly adorable, and you can see the affection between them, rather than just a standard posed smile. The photos I worked from were taken at another friend's wedding in Seattle.


One of my pieces that I am exceptionally proud of is my autographed portrait of Alan Tudyk. (I might be a geek.) I tried to include both his work in Firefly in the piece, as well his voice/body acting from "I, Robot". Folks who saw the robot face in the background were a bit confused about it, until I explained it was from the movie.

Alan Tudyk


This next drawing is a favourite of a large number of people. It began as a quick sketch done for an online drawing group, that gathers for "Sketchuary" with the goal of doing a drawing every day for a month. It was great practice, and out of it came several fantastic ideas.