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Paintis a terrific medium to work with, but I occasionally have issues with finding the space and time to work with it. Nevertheles, I do try to keep my hand in and my paint brushes with that nice "used" sheen to them.

"The Transmigration of Cora Riley"

I've been waiting impatiently to reveal this particular painting:


My friend Elli Di Julio recently wrote a terrific book, and yours truly was privileged to paint the cover. The adventures of Cora Riley are detailed on Ellie's website, for those interested in the story. (It's a fun read!)

We live-streamed the initial painting stages for the backers of the crowd-funding campaign, and the rest was done in the privacy of my home, to lots of music and tea.

"The Transmigration of Cora Riley" cover - Acrylic Paint - 2014

The book is copyrighted 2013 by Ellie Di Julio

Autumn Firelizard

This piece featured at the World Fantasy Art Show last November, and was apparently very popular.

autumn firelizard image

It began as a random doodle, which looked good enough that I wanted to finish it and make it larger and more polished. This is the result.

Young And Curious

Young & Curious

Young & Curious, 2000, Acrylics

One of my favourite all time paintings, featuring 3 young and brave (or foolish) sea serpents creeping into the quarters of a peg-legged captain. And getting caught.


Bookworm Image

I've been on an Art Nouveau/Steampunk kick lately. The Bookworm came shortly after The Librarian, though I haven't fully painted its predecessor. I often have great sympathy for introverts or book lovers that prefer the company of a good book to a large number of people (I share that preference), so the idea of someone slipping off to read and ignoring the party made a good illustraton.



Ahoy! used to be in the drawing section, but I decided it needed colour, and so it became a watercolour and ink painting. Not too shabby, considering it started as a doodle, worked its way up to full drawing, then became painted.

Egypt Room Mural

Egypt Mural

I enjoy doing murals, and this was one of my favourites. It was a large amount of work, but the result was a Papyrus textured wall with gold highlights, and heirogryphs around the corner "pillars" and border of the ceiling. The Weighing of the Heart scene was painted on canvas, as the owner of the home wanted to be able to take that particular piece with him when he eventually sold the house.

Seasonal Horses

Seasonal Horses

Seasonal Horses, Watercolour, 2008