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Work in Leather Craft

My work in leathercraft is a recently acquired skill, though it works well with existing talents. What I lack in sculpting practice I make up for in knowledge of fabrics and fibers, and in artistic ability to re-create my designs into leather carvings.

Memory Book

Bear book

Polar Bear Memory book, 2012, leather & spirit dye

I was asked to do the cover of a memory book for a pair of friends, who were stepping down from a 5 year term in a position of leadership. The leather was carved, the lettering stamped into vegetable tanned leather, then dark and light brown dyes were applied to the skin to give it a weathered and aged look. The lettering and bear were filled in with gold paint, and faux rubies for the eye and highlights in the corners.

Wolf Skull


Wolf Skull carved into leather, acrylic paint, 2011

I did not design or carve the leather, but I was asked to do the painting of the skull to give it texture and depth. It was a project for my mentor's friend as a gift. Apparently he was very excited. The initial project was a saddle bag for a motorcycle.

Leather Dice Pouch

Leather Pouch

Hand-carved leaf and handstitched to the leather pouch.