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Work in Colour Pencils

Coloured Pencils are my favourite second to pencils. They blend well enough to give the impression of paint, but at the same time have the same portability of pencil. I've found myself working with them more and more often as time goes on.

Melting Flowers

I don't do flowers often, but when I do, they're melty.

Billie the Collie


I was commissioned to do a portrait of Billie by a friend after he passed away. One of the favourite photos that Billie's owner had of him was wearing the spectacles of a human. I admit it was a fun drawing to do. Glass is a bit more challenging than simply fur when it comes to coloured pencil drawings.

Bille (c) 2013

Fox Mask

Fox Mask

A slightly different take on the idea of masks and different species of fox. This was shown at the Anime North Art Gallery in 2013, and went over very well.

Cherry Blossom Dragon

Cherry Blossom Dragon

Cherry Blossom Dragon, 2010, Coloured Pencil

This one was done for Anime North, where I've been showing for the last few years. Though I don't draw Anime (at least, not well) I can pull off a Japanese theme pretty well, and this particular piece has been a crowd favourite for several years now.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett

One of my favourite Star Wars characters is Boba Feet, Das Bounty Hunter. I'm occasionally given to doing a little fan art once in a while, and I was very pleased by how this one turned out, with the colour blending and the shading.

Boba Fett is a LucasArts character, and this particular image was made for pure enjoyment, and not for sale of any kind.

Night Owls 1 & 2

One of my favourite art genres is Surrealism. I also very much enjoy "visual puns" and will often combine both into one painting or portrait. "Night Ow's 1&2l" are an especially fun set, because it describes my natural state.


Night Owl, 2009 (Coloured Pencil)

Night Owl 2: 2011 (Coloured Pencil)