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About the Artist

cameo3 Desiree is an artist of many talents, spending much time either drawing, painting or traveling to feed her need to take photos of interesting things and places. She has traveled to many far reaches of the world, including the British Isles and Taiwan, showing her art at different types of shows and craft fairs, and presenting seminars on occasion.

It is difficult to pinpoint only one genre of art, and one style, as Desiree covers a lot of different media bases. Everything from murals to book illustrations, tattoo design, heraldic art, graphic design to portraiture and caricatures. She also does a lot of costume and clothing design and creation, calligraphy, and illumination.

Desiree currently spends her days in Hamilton, Toronto, London, and Niagara Falls and all areas in between.

If you are interested in commissioning art, please email